School News:

1st Satellite
Bible Training
Center begins
in Cumadcad

    Our first Satellite Bible Training School began in June of this year. Pastor Rafael Arganda, invited us to use his church facility to hold these classes.
    As of this writing, twenty-seven people have enrolled to receive Bible training at the Cumadcad Bible training center.
    Of those enrolled, 7 are from Pilar, 1 from Bulan, 2 from Sorsogon City and the rest are from the Cumadcad / Castilla area, which are part of the providence of Sorsogon.
    Ruth travels to Cumadcad every Saturday morning by bus to teach this class. She also teaches this class in the native language of Tagalog.
    Two of our students, Alphil Goyena and Regina Angeles, both from Sorsogon City, travel with her to receive Bible training because their weekly schedules do not permit them to come to our Macabog facility to receive training at either the daytime or evening sessions.
    Please be in prayer for Ruth's safety and strength as she travels to and from Cumadcad every Saturday.

           John Manlangit

Some Want to
Help Teach

    Some have come wanting to help us teach. One such person is John Manlangit.
    His desire is to teach at one of our Satellite Bible Training centers that we hope to establish in the coming years.
    We informed him that it would be best if he would go through our training program first, to become familiar with our curriculum, and in doing so, it would also allow us to get to know each other better.
    So he is enrolled at our Bible Training facility in Macabog and attends the Tuesday daytime classes.
    We praise God for those who want to join our team and help minister to those who are hungry to receive teaching from the Word of God.
    We hope to find more who would be interested in helping us set up and teach at one of our future Satellite Bible Training Centers within the Sorsogon Province.

Student picture taken at the Healing Crusade on November 19, 2009.

Above and below ~ Opening prayer at the Student Christmas Party on Monday, December 21, 2009.

2nd Year of Bible Training Classes began on June 16 in Macabog

    Bible Training Classes began on Tuesday, June 16 at our main Bible training facility in Macabog, Sorsogon City.
    As of July 1, thirty people have enrolled to receive Bible training at the Bible Training Center in Macabog, Sorsogon City, Philippines.  
    This is our second year for Bible training in Sorsogon City and the Province of Sorsogon, with many students from some of the major municipalities in the Sorsogon Province, including Prieto Diaz, Gubat, Pilar, Bulan, and Irosin.
    To accommodate as many people as possible we have two daytime classes and four evening classes for those who work or attend college during the day.
    We praise God for the work that He is doing here in the Sorsogon province through this ministry and expect greater things to happen in the years ahead. 


Each class gave a presentation of either a song or a skit. The picture above is the students of the 1st Year daytime class. 

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